Monday, October 5, 2009

Viktor & Rolf

"There’s a certain aggression to it, to the act of cutting..."
- AP

Viktor and Rolf Spring/Summer 2010

Viktor and Rolf Spring/Summer 2010

Asked how many miles of tulle had gone into their Spring/Summer 2010 ready-to-wear collection, the two replied, "many many many many many."

black and white outfit

I went to the NY Transit museum on Sunday and saw lots of old subways and buses. The museum used to be a real subway station except cleaned up. It felt like I was in Mr. Roger's Neighborhood. Subways are so fun when they are clean and empty and have quaint old fashioned ads in them ... Normal subways inspire rage.


Bitch Cakes

I saw Bitch cakes! Her real name's Sheryl. She writes THREE blogs. I'll let the titles speak for themselves. They are,

We were walking somewhere in Brooklyn (near the Transit museum) and suddenly there she was, larger than life and looking exactly like she does in her blogs. I stopped short and said in a stage whisper, Diana! Is that... (here I trailed off because I was about to say 'Bitch Cakes' but she was close enough to overhear me). A second later, my sister stops short and turns to me with a gigantic dopey grin on her face, bashing me on the arm, and saying, omgod look who it is! (Or something to that effect).

Lol. So funny. We didn't talk to her...

Sheryl has a great personality, she knows the owner of the new Fred Flare that opened in Brooklyn, and has a bag there named after her! She also guest blogs there. Sometimes she's a little *too* 'bitchy' on her commuter blog...but it's understandable because early morning subway rush hour makes me feel like I'm going crazy sometimes. You should see the notes I scribble in my notebook during the rides.

OH! and One Last Thing. I went to the Brooklyn Flea where I saw these AMAZING black velvet gloves. They were $30. They fit me perfectly. Needless to say, being poor I didn't buy them. Now I am missing a piece of my soul.

Black velvet gloves at the Brooklyn Flea

Black velvet gloves at the Brooklyn Flea

My sister emailed me this self-portrait she took.

Diana's self portrait

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