Monday, October 26, 2009

3 paintings

three paintings unfinished

This one was edited on Photobucket

Working on finishing these. The red and purple ones were started way back when I was still living on Long Island and had no clue I would be getting a new job and moving. The pink one was started a few weeks ago and work was halted because I detested the Brunette's legs. Are boys with dark hair also called Brunettes? It sounds funny. In French, a dark haired boy is called 'Brun' and a dark haired girl is called 'Brune'. I think? It's been a while!

3 paintings edited on aviary
This was done on 

I like the more wholesome color that Aviary's automatic setting gave it. I don't like how it puts its stupid little watermark on all the photos you edit. I mean, on this one it's tiny so I don't care, but on another photo it was a lot bigger. The only way to not have it is if you go pro.

Like here - BIG WATERMARK!!!

twins edited using aviary

Is it horrible or not a big deal? When painting the twins above, I had this sunny song stuck in my head.
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