Tuesday, September 22, 2009

TED talks

Jessica left me so many cool limericks. Cheered me up on a day when all I wanted to do was sit on my balcony and read. Instead I had to go to work. This is my fav. -
There once was a man called Horatio
well skilled in the art of fellatio
he'd swim in the sea
in which he would wee
increasing the wee to sea ratio.
Here's one for you -

Limerick and sketch

Have you guys heard of TED Talks? My sister told me about it and I want to share a few of my favorite speakers.

These people are all so funny/cool/interesting and I'm just sad I couldn't find the video of Imogen Heap's performance because it makes her music-making abilities seem organic and like breathing. Like the Musicker in The Road To Oz who had a organ built into his body and with every breath music would puff out.

The sunflowers are forming! They look like little crowns.

sunflower plant

The Black eyed susans are sprouting!

black eyed susan grow kit

Oh god this reminds me. Back in middle school and 9th grade, I was really into making up different aim screen names. And one of them was flowerprincess13.

This week is DRAGGING. I can't believe it's only TUESDAY.

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