Sunday, September 13, 2009

Limericks & Haikus

I'm so excited! First blog post using the Netbook!!! Here's what it looks like-cracks me up that the brand on the cover is Eee. How...clever?cute?Weird. Reminds me of Tao Lin and his silly book. Well, dunno if the actual book is silly but the title sure is.

Netbook black

Netbook black

I spent today practicing yoyo...listening to music...working on a net. My sister made a pair of leggings yesterday out of this white thermal fabric we've had since forever but wouldn't you know it, the sewing machine broke when she was almost done. Something minor but still seemingly impossible to fix. Thread tension is off. This feels like something Miranda July would use in one of her short stories. Like, the pathetic main character whom you strangely relate to tries so hard to be creative and productive; struggling, stays up late and makes a pair of leggings, but then the sewing machine breaks, symbolizing the hopelessness and futility of Life and she sinks under the covers and falls asleep...or maybe she killed herself.

Please don't let my life be like that.

No One Belongs Here More Than You by Miranda July

Such a good book. Like I said, her main characters are all kind of 'troubled' but hugely interesting.

Miranda July

I found this on one of the later pages:
No One Belongs Here More Than You by Miranda July

Wouldn't it be fun if we all wrote a little message like that? Sorry, chocolate! Sorry, soup! Sorry, blood! (ew)

I can just imagine someone in a little apartment sitting in bed reading with a little bowl of raw beets next to her. She smudges a page, quickly grabs a pencil and scribbles the note. Neurotic weirdo. I say that with love and affection.

I had an after lunch snack on the balcony. It was nice. My neighbor's neighbors have nice flowers.


Balcony Forest Hills

Flowers Forest Hills

Here's me squatting like a native person working on the net...Hi.

weaving a net

I'm probably gonna wear this tomorrow.

My sunflower sprouts had totally stopped growing and I felt like an evil mother who locks her kids in the closet and gives them nothing but water and schmaltz. Or a fish that grows only as large as the pond/fish tank allows. So I moved them to a bigger pot. On two, I see little green fuzzies. Are those the beginnings of the flower???? I also planted Black Eyed Susans. The dirt was weird. One of those expand to 5x it's size once you pour water on it. It was this flat dried out pellet. Then I watered it and magic happened.

sunflower sprouts

black eyed susans

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