Sunday, August 2, 2009

Live in darkness, dress bright.

My favorite outfit at the moment. Thermal shirt was purchased a few years ago at a store called Daffy's. It makes me so happy when I finally find a good way to wear something. I hate when clothing goes to waste just cuz I don't know how to wear it in a way that works. I'm not buying anything new from now on. Instead gonna figure out how to make what I already have work. Shorts from Beacon's, Bag and sandals were each $1 and from Old Navy.

colorful outfit @ Emy Augustus

An update on how the painting is coming along ...

by: Yvonne Gao

By: Yvonne Gao

I was talking with a friend today and you know what, it is hard to have my first full time job while also living on my own for the first time. I get so caught up with analyzing possible deep causes of my feelings that I miss the obvious. It's an adjustment and it's only been a month. Sure it has its perks. I get to go to interesting places in the city more often. I can paint and stay online without being nagged to clean the kitchen, or be guilt-tripped for doing something so vain and frivolous as taking pictures of myself wearing clothes. At the same time, all of a sudden, I feel so ON MY OWN. If crap happens *and it does*, I have to deal with it and make it work out. There's just no one to rely on besides myself.

Certain people and animals are far away and inaccessible.

So yes, even though the pics in this post are bright and happy, I'm feeling the opposite right now.

But it's okay cuz Linda just handed me a menu stuffed in our mail slot of a crepe restaurant. Crepes are one of those foods that I've never had and which makes my mouth water just thinking about it. I am cheered by the thought that the Crepe n' Tearia is so close and that one day soon I will go and indulge myself perhaps on a peach, ice cream, and whipped cream crepe, or a CHICKEN TERIYAKI CREPE?! Lol and omg they serve "Trendy Bubble Tea". Not just regular bubble tea, but trendy! Now I MUST have some.

And I'm dying to write, aka complain, about work here, but I won't lest I go the way of this woman.

There's also a 'Mexican Crepe' which sounds incredibly odd to me, but hey I like Mexican food and I like Crepes.

I hope I didn't sound too needy in this post. I like my alone time! I do! I like even more to have my alone time with someone in the background.

Kay, that's it for tonight. My hair's just about dry now so I can go to bed without having a bulbous head tomorrow. Lately it's been really fun and relaxing to blog; like I need to. Thanks for reading you!
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