Monday, August 24, 2009

Detective Dusky Rose, or Dusty

Detective Dusky Rose by Yvonne Gao

A memory from childhood:

I was in kindergarten or first grade. My dad had received a rectangular paperweight made out of glass. My mom told me it was very important and special. It was a pretty sparkly crystal and I decided to bring it to school to show people. A classmate asked if she could borrow it to show her parents. She swore she'd bring it back the next day. I was unsure but said okay. I told my mom and she yelled at me. I never got it back; the girl said she 'lost' it.

Inspiration: Sherlock Holmes, nicknames, love, sunshine, eyes, Picasso, and monocles.

Self Portrait

My sister thinks I'm going to be one of those old people you hear about on the news who dies when it gets too hot.
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