Friday, July 24, 2009

Recap: Blogger meetup

Diane left!  We did a lot in the short time we had! We saw 500 Days of Summer, met up in Central park with Rich, Suzanne, Jessica, and a small group of other fashion bloggers, went to 2 museums, a show, and other little miscellaneous things.  =D

She gave me a plastic ziploc bag!!! Haha colorful!

FAO Schwartz candy @ Emy Augustus

splendid view.

Abe Vigoda @ Emy Augustus
Lead singer of Abe who was sweating buckets.

I really think plaid shirts need to be replaced by various types of floral.
I was trying to take a sneakky pic to show you the abundance of PLAID and was taking a second one to try to get it less blurry...

Whitney Museum show @ Emy Augustus
I succeeded but was spotted. aheheheheh... *looks away*

Whitney Museum show @ Emy Augustus

Abe Vigoda at Whitney Museum

Abe Vigoda at Whitney Museum
GROOM bass player

It was kinda funny how there was an audience OUTside staring at us. The Whitney Museum is awesome and I can't believe I never heard of it and that it took someone from California to alert me of its presence.  They had the best selection of books including this one and one about phone sex workers. I never knew Mapplethorpe had such a complex volatile relationship with Patti Smith! I need to finish reading this.

Robert Mapplethorpe @ Emy Augustus

Relient K shirt @ Emy Augustus
Relient K band tee / PJ shorts - Target???

Casual outfits these past few days. It's hot and humid here and lots of walking in the city = tee and shorts are the best. Plus, it feels good to not be conscious at all of the way I look & that's easier to do when I wear what I slept in. ^_^

Central Park: Sheep Meadow: Weardrobe:
Weardrobe Meetup @ Emy Augustus

Weardrobe Meetup @ Emy Augustus

Weardrobe meet up @ Emy Augustus

Weardrobe Meetup @ Emy Augustus

Diane's post.
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