Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bento Bento Fo-Fento Me Mi Mo Mental

God I'm clever.

Here's our Bento Box! (see last post)
Beat that Winnie!!!!!

(you probably will)


Hello little octopus


Okay, so we don't have ALL of the 5 colors. I do believe it's missing black. But I thought it was ingenious to use sunflower seeds (instead of black sesame) for the eyes; it just skewers right in there!

Instead of spinach in the egg, we used sweet basil. I also used a thin slice of raw bell pepper as a boundary type thing and also a little dish to hold the ketchup in. I like my eggs with Ketchup. The dark slabs (heyyy that could pass as black) are portabella mushrooms. My sister and I finished this way too quickly considering the time it took to make.

What I'm wearing right now:
Desperate Housewife Desperate Housewife

Everything I'm wearing is from Linda's childhood closet. Thank you Lindaaaa!
And Thanks WINNIE for sharing that epic vid. It was fun, educational, and yummy.

Current soundtrack of my life:
Of Montreal Skeletal Lamping
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