Sunday, June 7, 2009

Renegade, Gatorade, Lemonade.

The main reason I went was to see my two favorite clothing makers - Ruffeo Hearts Lil Snotty and Cubist Literature. (You can see Sarah aka Lil' snotty in the back left corner of the tent.)

Renegade Craft Fair Brooklyn @ Emy Augustus

Do you guys recognize this shirt??? I posted about it a while back here. Well guess what? This, my favorite shirt, was on sale! Half off! I bought it!!!

Renegade Craft Fair Brooklyn @ Emy Augustus

Renegade Craft Fair Brooklyn @ Emy Augustus
Our short shorts are the same length.

I had a nice chat with Sarah while she was making my purchase and she is really easy to talk to and basically, I want to be them. Can I be you? Just give me part of your brain and your perseverance and awesomeness. Barkus is willing!

And thennnn, a couple buckets of sweat later, It's him!!! I couldn't find him amongst the crowd of hip young things at first. Diana was like, YOU DON'T RECOGNIZE HIM?!?! (He's in the red)

Renegade Craft Fair Brooklyn @ Emy Augustus

The mannequin is wearing a rubber band tunic that Craig no doubt made himself, along with the hat for blind people. LOVE.

Renegade Craft Fair Brooklyn @ Emy Augustus
I want to wear it over perhaps a rumpled satin crinoline.

Renegade Craft Fair @ Emy Augustus
I like all the oddly jutting arms in this pic. Keith is insanely jealous of the one he refers to as The Ideal Hipster. He shouldn't be!

My outfit

Inspired by Diane's post . The necklace was made during 'jewelry making time' at an old age home where I used to work, shirt from TJ Maxx, shorts are from Beacon's closet, and flower brooch from Gap.

I also got a tee by his friend Ben from Take Off Your Clothes.

Not a bad day at all.

I'll post more pictures of sights, clothes I bought, and also of the apartment next time because this post is much too long.

PS - my sister made me edit out a bunch of rambly stuff so ignore whatever's in your reader unless you're curious. (That means you Diana @ OurCityLights!) Oops I think I'm on twitter when I'm not.
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