Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Patricia Field

I got a new job! It starts July 6th. I need to find an apartment in the city (Queens) where I will be rooming with a friend from Kindergarten whom I haven't seen or talked to in 10 years! This should be interesting. My first full time job and first apartment.

What if the apartment thing doesn't work out? Most 2 bedrooms that are not scams are around 1,350. I'll be making 15,000 a year. So say a little less than half of that is 500-600 a month. *whimpers in consternation* I am scared. Commuting from LI is impossible. Well technically not impossible, but if I do, I'll be a zombie and probably let my preschool charge fall down a flight of stairs without realizing it. (If you are reading this, nice person who hired me, rest assured that that would never happen.)

When life gets crazy, drown all future unknowns in an amazing house of a dress. I could live in it, it's that huge. There's so much fabric it encases my legs like a solid mass of cupcake.

Rainbow scratchy cloud, cotton candy, marshmallow puffball holy hell (oxymoron) I love you, be mine, I will wear you as my future wedding dress. (Don't know why I even attempted punctuation in that sentence.)
If I had you I would hang you from the ceiling above my bed and every morning I'd wake up and see you and smile. 84 dollars. Heyyyy Patty, can I call ya Patty? Please do your buddy ol' pal a favor and keep on making these till the day I can afford it? RRRUFFLESRUFFLESRUFFLESSS

(sorry for the repetitive pictures but I just can't get enough of this.)

This is technically supposed to be worn *under* another dress, hence its name of 'petticoat' but ummm I would not hide its luscious colors under anything thankyouverymuch.

Reminds me of the scene in Little Nemo (1989) where Nemo and the princess are wrapped in colorful furballs and floating/bouncing around. Annnd I can't find a clip or picture of it online. sad. How is that possible. I am an internet search failure. Must try again! Ah, here it is
3:56 and 4:38.
Anyone remember this movie?

My mom said something of sage wisdom today. She was telling my sister and I about a guy at the post office in his 30s who blew his entire paycheck on video games and how he still lives at home with mummy and daddy and how he has no girlfriend, and in her Chinese accent she said, "Even I know, 'No money, no honey'". WOW. ( And jay in kay you were wondering, a Chinese accent goes something like this : MAH-ney, HAH-ney. ) And speaking of Asians, Belle posted this on twitter...

I love the dress, not the shoes. Becuz while those shoes are impractical for everyday life, the dress would fit right in and only invade the personal space of everyone within 3ft; little birds would come and make a home in it, and little children would try to lick it thinking it some new kind of strawberry frosting.

More fun in the dressing room...

The words on the jumper say 'Duty Free' and I think the feathery blue apparatus is supposed to be a sexy bedroom thing but that is a giant fail because it's too long and all the feathers will eventually be plucked from me constantly tripping/falling over it.

Puffy tutu petticoats are just so Whimsical [spring breeze and birdsong commences].

*Everything I'm wearing is from the store at 302 Bowery, NYC.
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