Thursday, April 23, 2009

beep beep boo bop* (See bottom for translation)

Hey y'all, thanks for the awesome positive feedback on those vector illustrations. Motivates me even more to learn it over the summer so that y'all'll say I'm creative and cool too. ;)
My boyfriend's at a 'Poetry Night' and my sister spent her day cutting out underwear patterns. I feel like a boring Jane because my night consisted of making dinner for the parents (Mung beans, carrots, and celery!). Woo. *Twirls finger limply in air*

I'm really really into this Etsy seller - Ruffeo Hearts Lil' Snotty. I first heard about them on Fred Flare, then discovered they were on Etsy too. Or was it the other way around?
No matter, this was maybe a year or so ago. I "forgot" about them because as cool as their designs are, they're outta my price range. Why make oneself sad by repeatedly looking at something one can't afford? Oh right, for inspirational purposes.

SNAP CHAINS pink drink

Pink space age woman, not sure what being sold here but it don't matter!

Turtle, turtle

I was recently doing a bit of Etsy surfing. One link led to another and I found myself back on RHLS's page. Discovered they are looking for summer interns. I told my sister, we both applied, and she got it! (That little exclamation mark contains more than excitement ya know. Also a bit of jealousy and depression mixed in thurr.)

I so admire people who can make a decent living off of their Etsy store/creativity. Seems way better than working for almost any company that's out there.

Oh, exciting news of the day, Etsy followed me back on Twitter! Yayyyyyyyy. I'd like to think this is slightly meaningful even though they are following like 24,246 people.

*beep beep boo bop = There is nothing better than feeling a plastic baggy while eating vanilla soft serve ice cream and crunchy tacos.
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