Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A tangled mess is [near] my heart

Unicorn barf.
Inspired by this.

I'm wearing a 'brooch' made spur of the moment to add some color to my outfit. I just grabbed a little clot of stuff from my messy desk and clipped it all together with one of those butterfly hair clips that girls used to wear in middle school. Except I need to find a better way of affixing it to my shirt cuz a paper clip just don't cut it (It kept falling off every time I bent over, put on my jacket, etc). Then just for funnies I pinned a parrot finger puppet next to it to signify that I can be bird-brained.

In 8th grade I had a summer school math teacher named Pierre, and one day I asked him what kind of animal I reminded him of. The dear man said parrot. I was kinda disappointed. I had hoped he would've said puppy (cute) or dolphin (graceful), so I asked him why. He said because I'm smart and talkative, and have a colorful personality. And that was the best compliment I have ever gotten.

Pierre, where ever you are right now, I miss you.

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