Sunday, March 8, 2009

A happy tree here and a friendly rock there. OR NOT!!!

totally using this phrase wrong but Eat your heart out Bob Ross!!! You and all your paintings can kick me in the face for all I care. This is also from the BM and I love it! When Art Goes Beyond the Frame oooooooh. It's like some psychologically tormented Dorian Gray took acid to his own 'masterpiece'. Then hammered it. Then stomped on it. And then swept it into a neat little pile beneath the painting so others would not trip over it or get the acid residue on their shoes and burn holes in their expensive feet wear.

You know what ELSE it reminds me of??? I loathe to insert yet another Disney reference from my poor brainwashed childhood, BUT ... it reminds me of something the Beast might've got to in one of his moods .... maybe all the extra testosterone needed for his transformation from man to monster?

I know landscape paintings require a lot of skill, patience, etc etc and really some of them are quite good, but for the most part, landscapes bore me. I can easily look at a photograph of the same scene. However, if you disagree, feel free to (virtually) smack me upside the head and educate me on my ignorance!

And here is the knitwear I promised.

(I think these would look amazing in different (bright!) colors all up and down one arm.)

Diana crocheted these scalloped necklaces for me and they are my new favorite accessory. I also have white and black ones in varying sizes. So fun to wear. Next, I want her to make me some huge red ones so I look like I'm wearing a clown ruffle.

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