Thursday, March 12, 2009

CRASH Emma Watson oops punctuation needed oh wells

Alternate post title : For Emma (bon iver reference haha)

I've seen a few bloggers post up fashion shoots starring Hermione Emma Watson. The pics on Giggleness' blog was one, but I don't remember the other one ... (it was a while ago).

I hated how she was sexified up in those editorials! It took away all the quirky uniqueness shown by her frizzy haired, bookish character and replaces it with some hot model Type who could easily be substituted by any other model to the less discerning viewer (ie, someone who hasn't read all the books and seen all the movies and who doesn't want to get into wizard rock and have polygamous unions with all the male (and female) characters).

These are much better.

Emma Watson @ Emy Augustus

Emma Watson @ Emy Augustus

Emma Watson @ Emy Augustus

Images here

Much more personality. A sense of mystery and power that isn't based so completely on sexual appeal (though it's also there), wayyyy more unique. Reading the comments on the original site annoyed the crap outta me. Pretty much everyone was like, 'I don't like these; what's with the white eyebrows ... scary', or my favorite - 'it's too artsy for me'.

The website also had some nice links and quotes. These were my favs. (and hopefully are really from her mouth!)
* She says she's never really studied politics or philosophy but that she'd like to. She wants to go to university to learn, make new friends and be anonymous. She wants to "feel normal for a while".

* She says that she loves dressing up, that it's a creative way of expressing yourself, which is why she enjoys it the same way she enjoys Art.

* She says she genuinely thinks Karl Lagerfeld is a genius and that the photoshoot was one of the nicest she ever did.
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