Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Enter enter enter

I recently went to Target and got some white tights, and the very next day I heard about Weardrobe's winter whites competition. So, I entered it!
Here's the pic I submitted -

The idea behind this is accusations and feeling wrongly judged. The color white can be symbolic here as often both the accused and the accuser can feel like they are innocent and in the right.

The painting of the face was done by my sister, the white gloves were bought back from China by my mom and I just taped them to my wall using painter's tape and arranged the fingers to be an accusatory pointing gesture. The dress I'm wearing was also made by my sister using two white t-shirts.

There's also this version, which I really like because it's sort of an eerie pink.

Hm... which one's better?

Also, I entered my blog for Teen Vogue's snapshot blog contest.
Okay, that is all. Thank you for stopping by.

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