Sunday, October 12, 2008

Of Montreal with Love Is All

*Wrong date,wrong show, but click to see photos from this past Friday 10/10/08.
Click me for photos

There was a white horse which was paid for by the one they call B.P. Helium. I wondered if it was deaf as it stood calmly on stage with Kevin on its back, nary but 10 feet away from speakers that made my voice box tremor and my jeans vibrate. This was just one of many great surprises. Well, to start from the beginning - the opening band was fun to watch. The lead singer was decked out in an old fashioned ruffly top, knitted pageboy cap, and simple black pleated skirt. Her singing style was not so much about the words but vocalizations. She reminded me of little Oliver Twist inciting all the other boys to start a riot against their cruel task masters.
Keith, Diana, and I got to Roseland ballroom at around 3:30 and there was only one other person there. So we can't claim we were the first ones, but close enough! The real first person was very friendly and so were her friends who later arrived. Her given name is Daniella but she said she changed it to Danii in 7th grade. Reminds me of myself and Zadie Smith. What is it with girls who change their names in middle school?! Re-inventionists - We're cool. Her friend Haya was a white looking Egyptian who had a way of saying "Hellz yeah!" that cracked me up every time. It sounded so authentic and full of attitude. A homeless man named Ron (Rob?) approached our group to ask for some change and a conversation was started when Danii said "NO" before he even got the full question out. I give props to him for being able to joke about it in such an easy going, not bothered sort of way. He was very intelligent and we peppered him with questions about his experiences, although for propriety's sake, none of us asked the question that was most on our minds, which was how he became homeless in the first place. After he left, we all agreed that he probably wouldn't have been offended, but it is such a 'bad' sounding question. So how did you become a failure in life? I don't think of him as a failure, in fact, I was kind of jealous of his lifestyle. It seems free. Lately I've been in a 'grass is always greener' kind of mind set. Don't know why. But back to the show, so many other surprising things! Golden budhha-like figures dancing behind Kevin. All the costumes were amazing. I wish people could dress like that in real life! Although if everyone did, would it cease to be amazing? Strangeness depends on the boring hum drums of daily life to exist.
Whoever choreographs these shows - good job of creating a fantasy world full of wonder and strangeness! There was a fat blow up creature in a ugly polka dotted suit, people in skin tight 'shadow' suits in staged fights against animals with human bodies. A bird with giant arms and legs. Kevin in a shaving cream suit rising out of a coffin. A centaur's tragic love story in which a slutty little satyr (or is it faun?) steals away two medieval women to have sex on the left side of the stage. Kevin getting hung on the gallows, then painted red. Kevin as a corrupt Catholic priest condemning a poor deer-human to death. I'm reciting the skits all jumbled up and it makes me want to re-watch the show to see if there is a coherent story line behind all these skits. I feel like there ought to be...

In a bit I'll post up a drawing I did a month ago in honour of the fanciful things that of Montreal puts into my head.
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