Thursday, October 23, 2008

Blue Clown & Lion Head painting

These are sketches/paintings I did back in September. Well the sketch part was in Sept. and the painting part was last week. I already posted them on Facebook and thought I'd put them here too. Diana said they look vibrant and jubilant, which is ironic since I drew these in my journal the day of my not-to-be second road test when I was feeling anything but vibrant and jubilant. I had been getting more and more nervous waiting in the car so I was just writing down whatever was in my head to get my mind off the impending 5 minute drive. Then, after I got bored of writing driving instructions and advice to myself, I decided to draw something that captures how I feel about Of Montreal (happy thoughts!) and voila. I tried to keep my hand motions very loose and fluid, which was pretty easy since I was feeling a kind of limp nervousness. That sounds so Victorian.

The figures in their original context.

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