Friday, September 19, 2008

Some thoughts in my head while I'm walking from one place to another...

I was drinking pomegranate white tea while walking to psychology A when it occurred to me that pomegranates are symbolic of Asian cultures, and the White part ~ duh! It's a good general description of my racial experience that I'm drinking down. Maybe that's why I like it so much since it doesn't have much of a taste.
I had another thought in my head, but I forgot it in the time it took me to go to the bathroom... Ah! Pads and the colors of their wrappings. Why are they always pastel? I recently bought a small package from school with pale yellow wrappers. I love yellow so it was a nice change from the pale green ones from Costco or the baby blues and (yuck) pinks. It got me thinking, what messages are sent when the wrappings are always light & pastel? Perhaps the same reason why underwear is always made from a soft material - the parts those will be touching are sensitive and require gentleness (always?). That makes sense; who wants denim or woolen underwear? Not I. But the wrapping isn't going to be touching you down there. Why not give it some flamboyant colors or rockin' patterns like Kleenex with their tissue boxes? True, a pattern design might make it more expensive due to more colors being used, copyright + printing costs, but the colors don't have to be so light and delicate. You'd never see pad wrappings in black or deep red.
I wonder what pyschological implications colors have on the experience of menstruation... more on this later, gotta count out condoms for the incoming participants.
In my search for an image, I discovered that there is a museum devoted to women's health and menstruation! The site also analyzes the messages behind packaging images. Here's an example -
What do you know, I'm not the only weirdo to be thinking about this.
There's a bloody(haha) museum for everything! Reminds me of the one that showcased models of various mammals' penises.
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