Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I need chapstick

Hey chickys.
I finally, finally got my needle threaded! I brought along some sewing work with me to school like I planned yesterday. I had really wanted to be a prepared girl and get everything packed last night so I wouldn't feel rushed this morning, but lo and behold that didn't happen. I fell into the usual routine of doing the dishes, eating dinner (seems backwards doesn't it?), chatting online with the boy, and falling asleep with soft cotton fabric pressed to my face. So in my rush this morning, I just grabbed the first small needle I could find and dumped it into a plastic ziploc along with: black thread to match the black felt I'll be sewing, fabric scissors, and the cheery red pouch innards. It all went in my tote and off I ran! It felt like I got a late start and I was really worried I'd miss the train... I was a-peddalin' and a-speedwalkin' like mad. Well I didn't miss the train. It was in fact, 12 minutes late. I saw my friend Teri for the first time this semester! He promptly wore out his welcome by rambling on and on like marbles were rolling out of his mouth. Something about vampires and addictive blood and heart problems and Empire blue cross blue shield. I like him but he sure can tire my ears out. So anyway, I was in lab trying to thread my needle, only to discover the thread's a tad too thick to go through the eye. But with good ol' perseverance and a bit of saliva, it finally went in! Sew now I am ready to so. (Nice dyslexic touch, non?)

I'm thinking about taking down some of the posters in my room. They're visually appealing, but I don't listen to the bands anymore. I want to leave that adolescent look behind. I'll probably take down the huge Anberlin poster, though their faces are so cute. I might leave one copeland poster up (or both- they're tiny). Goodbye 'Hello, good friend'. (oh how clever of me!) Goodbye to the Relient K poster that I've had up since 10th or 11th grade...I must figure out a way to use them though because I would hate to just throw them out or leave them in the back of my closet.
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